“The most versatile glove!”

per pair
(M) size


2mm Sonic welded TPR

Top Structure



AX Suede + silicone print

Closure and support

Strap-free - with pull tab - 2mm Airprene wristband

Technical details

As the name suggests, the ALL RIDE is the most versatile style in the FIVE Advanced Bicycle Gloves range. It is effective for a number of different disciplines, from cross-country to downhill, and Enduro or BMX, mainly by offering easy, unrestricted movement and ultra-precise contact with the handlebars and controls.

It features a strap-free, easy-on system, with a simple pull tab to conveniently adjust its positioning. Wrist support is provided by a 2mm breathable Airprene band. ALL RIDE’s top-level comfort and lightweight feel come from the use of mesh fabric, an ultra-thin, durable material that molds to your hand, on the top side. The palm, made of AX Suede synthetic leather for ultimate comfort, is equipped with silicone print for optimal grip. With ALL RIDE, you can ride a lot, and you can ride everywhere!

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