Enduro X

“Designed for an X-treme approach of enduro riding”

per pair
(M) size

Top structure

Perforated full-grain kidskin + Mesh fabric (hand, index and middle fingers)


AX Suede + Nash reinforcement + Stretch Kevlar reinforcement with 2mm Gel

Thumb covering

Nash reinforcement + MicroWipe micro-terrycloth

Closure and support

Soft TPR and Velcro top adjustment strap + Spandex/with pull tab


Conductive wires on the index finger and thumb


4 mm Sonic Soft TPR + Soft TPR shell + Stretch Kevlar Padding + Polyurethane mini-shells (knuckles)

Technical details
Touch Screen

Though the ENDURO X is indeed an ENDURO glove, it’s designed for the most dedicated riders who take an eXtreme approach (hence the X…) that includes all-mountain or even downhill riding. This glove combines many top-quality materials designed for comfort over long distances and for protection.

Its top structure is made of a protective Soft TPR shell sewn onto perforated full grain kid leather for improved breathability. The top of the hand has several Sonic TPR protective blocks that are 4 mm-thick and thermo-welded onto mesh fabric for effective ventilation. The ring and little fingers are covered with perforated leather inserts that feature ventilated Polyurethane mini-shells, and a foam padding reinforcement on the knuckles. The index and middle fingers, which are less exposed, feature mesh to promote airflow. The bands (or finger contours) are made in Lycra for the outer fingers and mesh for the inner fingers, to provide the perfect mix of ease of movement and ventilation. We’ve paid close attention to the palm: AX Suede synthetic leather with a perforated Nash reinforcement in the center of the hand and on the thumb. This section features independent construction from the rest of the palm for optimal fit, and contains MicroWipe fabric that allows you to wipe your forehead while absorbing sweat. Stretch Kevlar reinforcement that includes 2 mm of gel protects the palm and side of the hand, the zones that are most exposed in case of a fall. ENDURO X is ultra-adjustable, with its soft TPR and Velcro adjustment tab, combined with a bit of Spandex. The 2mm Airprene wristband and Lycra piped trim make for a perfect fit. The thumb and index fingers are equipped with conductive wire that allows for handling of GPS or smartphone-style touchscreens. Protective, comfortable, and precise, the ENDURO X is truly reliable on all types of rides.

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