XC Phantom

Black is beautifull…

per pair
(M) size

Top structure

4-way Spandex


AX Suede + perforated and embossed Nash reinforcements

Closure and support

Soft TPR and Velcro top adjustment strap/with integrated pull tab


2mm welded Sonic TPR

Wrist component

2mm Airprene

Thumb covering


Technical details
Touch Screen

Though, as specialists, we promote and recommend specific styles for different uses, we’ve decided to offer a versatile, universal glove that can go with any outfit. We are proud to present the XC Phantom.

In terms of color, you can’t go wrong here, since we’ve kept it simple and tasteful: all black. Efficient for so many situations and on any terrain, it will be your faithful companion on all your rides. Its top structure in 4-Way Spandex, a material known for its elasticity, provides ultimate comfort. Its palm in AX Suede synthetic leather, featuring perforated Nash reinforcements for the grip and embossed Nash for protection in case of a fall, offers excellent handle grip, and reduces the risk of blister formation. The Lycra finger contours increase the entire glove’s flexibility. The thumb features independent construction from the rest of the palm, guaranteeing a superior fit. This glove is covered in thick MicroWipe so that you can wipe the sweat from your forehead when exertion becomes intense. A silicone logo on the inside of the index finger improves grip on the controls, and the addition of conductive wires on the index finger and thumb allow you to operate the touchscreen of your smartphone or GPS. The PHANTOM XC can be adjusted using a tab in soft TPR and Velcro. The 2mm Airprene wristband reinforced by an easy-on tab with Lycra all around ensures excellent support. The black FIVE logos in 2mm Sonic on the top zone and ZOL print on the wrist part help create the phantom-like look of the XC PHANTOM. Just as this glove tends to blend in visually, it also “disappears” when it’s worn, since it’s so comfortable, lightweight, and efficient.

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