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Touch Screen Knuckles Protection Gel Palm Ergo Fit Grip Control

You may wish for a multipurpose, lightweight and comfortable glove, but this doesn’t mean that protection isn’t important when you’re doing some rough mountain biking. And so, we present the XR-TRAIL PROTECH.

It echoes the comfort and multipurpose aspects of the XR-TRAIL GEL, particularly its numerous Gel inserts on the palm, but adds in an essential protective element: a one-piece IMPACTON shell on the metacarpals; supple enough not to hinder your movements, but rigid enough to protect you from the impact of branches or rocks. The soft FIVE 3D logo guarantees just the right level of protection on the most exposed part of the metacarpal zone (outer side), without hindering your movements in any way. The XR-TRAIL PROTECH: The perfect glove for approaching the subtleties of modern-day riding, while protecting yourself from the risks associated with Mother Nature’s little traps.


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