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Touch Screen Ergo Fit Grip Control

The XR-PRO reflects our vision of a multipurpose glove for high performance and competitive riding.

Covering a wide range of uses, it is as efficient on the road and on gravel as it is for off-road use (whatever the discipline: cross-country, all-mountain, Enduro, downhill), and will even satisfy the most extreme gravity riders (Slope Style, Dirt, etc.). It features an elasticity and thinness that allow it to literally disappear on your hand. Nevertheless, it also offers a real plus in terms of comfort and handlebar grip. The XR-PRO allows you to adjust the wrist closure the way you want, and its 3-D logo guarantees just the right protection on the most exposed metacarpal zone (the outer side) without hindering your movements in the least. This is the most popular glove with our official riders, across disciplines, proof of truly exceptional performance.


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