M size pair

Topside construction

Mixed construction of stretch nylon fabric / Embossed Neoprene™


Nanofront™ / Synthetic leather reinforcement with 2 mm foam palm reinforcement / 3 mm foam rubber pad on the thumb


Imperceptible dual FIVE AIRGO PROTECH™ ventilated protective shells in soft TPR


Mini protective TPR shells on the fingers


Protective “5” logo in heat-sealed Sonic TPR


Anti-blister pad on the thumb joint

Comfort in use

FIVE ERGOFIT™ construction for optimal fit and freedom of movement for the fingers

Comfort in use

Silicone print on the inside of the fingers and palm for optimal grip on the handlebars

Comfort in use

Clear Vision Pad™ visor cleaning system on the left hand


Closure with velcro adjustment tab integrated into the Neoprene™ construction

Comfort in use

Touch Screen™ system (on the index finger) so you can use your electronic devices

Technical details
Touch Screen
Touch Screen
Knuckles Protection
Knuckles Protection
Ergo Fit
Fivergo Fit
Grip Control
Grip Control
phalange pads
Phalange Pads
velcro strap
Velcro Strap

The specs for the E1 were simple: create the best enduro glove that has ever been developed to date, thin, lightweight, and tough, yet also protective. The results have been spectacular. The E1 is just as comfortable and effective as our iconic motocross glove, the MXF ProRider S, while also offering a level of protection that’s essential for enduro, without the slightest discomfort nor hindrance, thanks to its imperceptible FIVE AIRGO PROTECH™ protective soft-TPR shells. The use of Nanofront™ on the palm, a material from Japan (that FIVE launched in the motocross range) whose unparalleled moisture absorption and grip help avoid the formation of blisters, makes the E1 a valuable companion on long days of riding, so you end up less fatigued. The palm features a synthetic leather hypothenar reinforcement lined with foam, for better impact absorption in case of a fall. The same goes for the thumb at the contact point with the handlebars. The E1’s topside construction comes in heavy-duty 4-way stretch nylon fabric. The zone from the metacarpals down to the wrist made in embossed Neoprene™ surrounds the joint and includes an adjustment tab for optimal support. A large “5” logo in soft TPR creates an additional reinforcing element on the metacarpals. Silicone prints on the index and middle fingers and in the palm of the hand ensure excellent grip on the handlebars. And the Touch Screen™ system allows you to use your GPS and smartphone devices without taking your gloves off. The E1 is sure to satisfy those who want nothing less than the very best.

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