Do you focus on performance or comfort?

When you’re selecting a short road glove, you can choose to focus on performance or comfort. So, we have developed our gloves using two different approaches:

  • Our PERFORMANCE gloves offer a second-skin effect, with a smooth palm that perfectly hugs the curves of your hand with no reinforcements whatsoever, for a high-precision feel for the road.
  • Our COMFORT gloves reduce fatigue and feature a palm that includes pads to absorb the vibrations and shaking you feel from the handlebars.
    In terms of wrist support, once again, there are two possible approaches: Making slipping on the glove easier with a quick on-off system or focusing on flexible, unrestricted support with an elastic system.

Some will therefore opt for a “FLEX-WRIST” elastic wristband that offers significant, unhindered freedom of movement once the glove is in place. Others will choose a wristband with an integrated velcro tab, the “VELCRO STRAP”, for ultra-precise fit.

It’s so easy to find the FIVE gloves that perfectly fit the way you ride and offer just what you want. And though some riders go road biking without wearing any gloves, it’s likely that they just haven’t understood all the benefits of wearing FIVE gloves... yet. ;)

Road performance

Gloves with gel palm to reduce fatigue.

Road Confort

Gloves offering a second skin effect for high-precision feel.


Heavy duty. All ride.  
What’s your mindset?

Mountain biking and BMX are done in many possible ways and across many different disciplines. When you’re at the controls, you can choose to focus on lightweight, multipurpose equipment that offers maximum ease, or, conversely, you can concentrate on protecting yourself from the risks that are specific to the sport, with equipment that has a protective focus. It’s a matter of mindset.

We’ve therefore developed our Mountain Biking/BMX gloves following these two approaches.

  • With, on the one hand, our HEAVY DUTY* gloves featuring shells or reinforcements to limit the damage of a possible impact (from rocks, branches, taking a slide, etc.).
  • And on the other, with our ALL RIDE** gloves that cover a wide range of uses, from Cross-Country to Freeriding, when you want to focus on lightness and ventilation.

*tough-as-nails / for specific use - **lightweight / multipurpose

Mtb Heavy Duty

Gloves featuring reinforcements to limit the damage of possible impact.

Mtb All Ride

Gloves covering a wide range of uses, focusing on light weight and ventilation.


Fall / Winter

Protect yourself from the cold, rain, and wind

Riding a bike in winter, or as soon as the weather isn’t so great (both in springtime or in the autumn) requires solid equipment. We’ve developed gloves that are made for any weather conditions you may commonly encounter. You need to be able to protect yourself from wind, rain, the cold, and sometimes, all three at once…

So, our FALL/WINTER range comes in 3 subcategories:

  • EXTREME COLD / WARM & WATERPROOF (≃ -15°C to +5°C*)
  • COLD WEATHER / LONG & WINDPROOF (≃ 0°C to +10°C*)
  • COLD WEATHER / SHORT & WINDPROOF (≃ 0°C to +10°C*)

Our EXTREME COLD gloves include a waterproof, breathable membrane coupled with thermal insulation. They’ll protect you from rain and wind, as well as (and especially) from the cold. They will be your go-to choice when the weather is really bad, and their thickness and softness vary according to the specific style.

Our COLD WEATHER LONG gloves are designed to act as a barrier against the wind and cold. Their long or semi-long cuff fits perfectly with the rest of your outfit and stops the air from getting in. They’re best for road use.

Our COLD WEATHER SHORT gloves are made to act as a barrier against the wind and cold. Their short cuff makes them easy to slip on and off and offers real comfort at the wrist level. They’re best for offroad use.

*Temperatures are only indicative and may vary from one individual to the other.

Extreme Cold / Warm & Waterproof

Gloves including waterproof, breathable membrane coupled with thermal insulation.

Cold Weather / Long & Windproof

Gloves designed to act as a barrier against wind and cold. Best for road use.

Cold Weather / Short & Windproof

Gloves designed to act as a barrier against wind and cold. Best for MTB use.
    Cold Weather / Short & Windproof
    Cold Weather / Short & Windproof
    Cold Weather / Short & Windproof


Ride safe and stylish in the city.

Riding a bike in the city offers exceptional freedom. Still, you need to be properly equipped to feel truly safe. The constraints of everyday life and the risks inherent in riding in traffic force us to protect ourselves when we ride, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice style!

And gloves are the essential companion for your helmet, which everyone has to wear.

This is why we’ve developed a specific range dedicated to your urban rides, whether you’re riding a bike or any electrically assisted vehicle (EAB, Speedelec, or scooter). And to ride when the weather is bad as can be, take a look at our FALL/WINTER range.

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