M size pair

Topside construction

2.2 mesh + Twill Span



Closure and support

Topside TPR and Velcro adjustment flap - Twin span folded, seamless cuff - With Pull’n’Ride tab


New pre-formed FIVErgo-Fit™™ construction with Lycra Stretch micro-fourchettes


Right and left conductive index fingers for smartphone use


Thumb covered in micro-terrycloth so you can wipe off your forehead


4 mm Sonic Soft TPR (on the hand) + 2 mm (on the fingers)

Technical details
Full air will help you endure.
Touch Screen
Touch Screen
Knuckles Protection
Knuckles Protection
Ergo Fit
Fivergo Fit
Grip Control
Grip Control
phalange pads
Phalange Pads
second skin effect
Second Skin Effect
velcro strap
Velcro Strap

Facing the elements, high elevation, and nature, Enduro is a demanding, total sport that can potentially push a rider to their limits…Therefore, ventilation becomes crucial. The aggressive nature of the terrain nevertheless calls for at least some protection. The ENDURO AIR offers the ideal combination to protect against small snags (rocks, branches, etc.) while allowing for efficient airflow. For this, we have combined 2.2 MicroMesh and Twill Span on the topside of the glove for effective ventilation and have added just the right amount of protection using 4 mm TPR Sonic elements on the hand and 2 mm on the outside fingers, the most exposed area. The palm in AX Suede® DEUCE synthetic suede leather offers impeccable handlebar grip and reduces the risk of blisters, without any other added elements than Silicone Print dots on the index and middle fingers and thumb, for optimal grip on the controls. Its thumb is covered in MicroWipe™, a micro-terrycloth fabric that allows you to wipe away any sweat from your brow. And, since in Enduro, you may have to use a GPS or smartphone, each of the index fingers has at its tip a triple band of Touch Screen™ conductive wire that allows you to handle device screens. Its closure is ensured by a solid Soft TPR + Velcro® adjustment flap, for perfect fit. In other words, this glove has everything you need to endure enjoyably, over the long haul.

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