per pair
(M) size

Topside construction

4-Way Spandex®



Palm reinforcements

3 mm AIR GEL

Thumb reinforcements

3 mm AIR GEL

Metacarpal reinforcements

3 mm AIR GEL

Fingers grip

Silicone Print for optimal grip on the handlebars / Index finger + middle finger + thumb

Closure and support

Topside Soft TPS and Velcro adjustment flap - Neoprene wristband without any trim or seams - Pull’n’Ride on-off tab


New pre-formed FIVErgo-Fit™ construction with Lycra Stretch micro-fourchettes


Covering the base of the thumb with micro-terrycloth so you can wipe off your forehead


Sonic TPR welded


Compatible with smartphone and GPS device screens
(right and left index fingers)

Technical details

Though, as specialists, we develop and recommend specific styles for each type of use, we thought it would be useful to offer a universal, multipurpose glove that offers maximum comfort for a long day’s ride. And so, we proudly present the XR-TRAIL GEL.

Touch Screen

Touch Screen

Gel Palm

Gel Palm

Ergo Fit

Fivergo Fit

Grip Control

Grip Control





velcro strap

Velcro Strap

vented palm

Vented Palm

It will be your faithful companion for all your days out, on any kind of terrain. Its topside construction in 4-Way Spandex, a material famous for its elasticity, makes it truly comfortable. Its 3-D logo guarantees just the right level of protection on the highly exposed metacarpal zone (outer side) without hindering your movements in any way. Its AX Suede Deuce synthetic suede leather palm, featuring numerous 3 mm Air Gel inserts, offers an exceptional level of comfort at the handlebars and reduces the risk of blisters. The XR_TRAIL GEL has adopted the new FIVErgo-Fit™ construction, with its micro-fourchettes (in Lycra on this style), providing an ultra-ergonomic fit. The base of the thumb is covered in Microwipe terrycloth, so you can wipe away the sweat from your forehead when you’re getting a real workout. A silicone print on the inside of the index and middle finger and thumb enhances grip on the controls, and the addition of conductive TouchScreen threads on the index finger allows you handle smartphone or GPS screens. The customized fit of the XR-TRAIL GEL comes from its Soft TPR and Velcro flap that’s integrated into the clean-cut neoprene cuff, and from its Pull’n’Ride on-off tab. Though it’s visually understated, with its tone-on-tone logos, you’ll also forget it’s there when you wear it, because it’s so comfortable, lightweight, and efficient. The XR-TRAIL GEL is sure to satisfy a wide range of riders, starting with those who are new to VAEs (Velo à Assistance Électrique – Electrically Assisted Bicycles).


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